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L6 to V8 for '66 Falcon Sport Coupe



I know this is a bit off topic but I'm after some info wrt the difference between '66 L6 and V8 Falcon Sport Coupes and I figure the Falcon differences may well be as per a Mustang from the same era.

Are the Axles, stubs, stud pattern/PCD different? brakes?
Is the diff different? What diff is used in the 200 cin '66 sport coupe, 8"?
Is the cross member different?
Trans? tailshaft, Radiator/Rad support etc?
Is there somewhere I could find reference material on this topic?


I have done Falcon to Falcon for a 65 but I was using the same years. The 8 inch rear end will fit under there also without any changes.  The change for the engine area is the hard part.  You will need to change the steering linkage, spindles, drum's or disc brakes over to 5 lugs, The steering box will need to be changed also because the pitman arm is larger, the radiator needs to be changed also as it hooks up different than the six. Wheels will need to be either 13s or 14s or 15s depending on what you want to run with the 5 lug wheels.  It is all a major undertaking as I just finished mine in my 65 but I am very happy with the outcome.  You might also look for a donor car with the stuff you will need as I did.  Much easier and lotts of spare parts. Good luck


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