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Kick-down not working C4 auto



I have a Ford Capri Mk 1 - Perana - 1971.  It has the Mustang 302 engine and a C4 Autobox.

The kick down does not appear to work. There is a vacuum pipe leading from the Edelbrock intlet manifold down to the gearbox but I have no kick-down linkage on the new Holley 570 Street Avenger carb.

Any ideas how I check to get the kick-down working?

thanks  Chris  UK

correct if im not wrong , but you might have to get a linkage adaptor.I know I had to get one when I got my 600cfm edelbrock carb.But the only way I know to check one is to have someone sit in the car and stomp on the throttle to set if the linkage when down shift . All else false just switch to a 5

Ken Moore:
My 66 Mustang has 289 w/c4. the vacume line goes to the modulating valve. The kick down is acomplished by the throttle linkage, there's an arm that is attached to the linkage and drops down to align with the lever on the trans. the two are connected with a cable. You may have to rig up something like that.


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