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Just picked up a 67 Mustang Convertible Project car, could use some advice


Hi All,
Just picked up a 67 Mustang Convertible Project car.  It is an inline 6.  That didn't matter much since I would like to swap out the 6 cyclinder engine and all related items with items of today's technology.  I'm not looking for a drag or race car, just a nice driver with some pep, better mpg and smooth riding car.  Some thoughts are fuel injection engine with automatic AOD trans, 5 lug rear end, electric radiator fan and serpentine belt system.  Possible complete front end with disc brakes, suspension, rack and pinion steering.  Some input is to use a ford explorer rear end, shorten long tube side and use shorter axle.  ? Should go with rebuilt engine with MSD Atomic EFI or engine with EFI engine from factory.  I appreciate any and all feedback to steer me in the right direction.

I would fix all the rust and mechanical issues and make it roadworthy and structurally sound FIRST.  That will ensure that future changes will have a good foundation, it will teach you about the car and you will be able to drive and enjoy it to better discover your desires for the car.

As far as modifications, one approach is to make a list of what you want to do and then start investigating ways of doing each item on the list.  This will give you approximate costs, pitfalls and impacts to your car for each.

Google is your friend when you're doing the investigating and there are quite a few good message boards that can also provide you with help.


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