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Jelly Jar to two bowl MC Question

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I just got the dual bowl conversion kit for my '66 289 from CJ ponyparts...

I notice that there is no proportioning valve included with the kit.  Is this optional, or do I need to just get a generic one from a local autoparts store?  I would have thought that they would have given you everything you need to convert the old to new, but maybe not...

I read the FAQ, it says how to adjust a valve, but not whether it is essential.  Oh, and i have all drums on the car.



I'm probably wrong here but i thought you only needed a proportioning valve if you had a disc/drum combo? If all drum i didn't think you needed one.

Tim is correct.  You do not use a proportioning valve with a two bowl conversion if you are running shoes all the way around.  I just did mine last year, so if you have any questions, just holler. Oh, the tubing you get with the kit doesn't fit.  You will have to manufacture your own lines.  A lot of guys have curled up lines at the MC, but mine works just great as it is. Here's a pic of mine.  Looks like I have a painting project, huh?  ;D

you may not have to have a prop valve, but if your rear brakes are locking up before the fronts, you need one.

Z. Ray

The front brakes get two lines to them.  The back ones do not lock up before the front ones.  You are still thinking front disks and rear shoes. 


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