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it won't start


I have a 1966 V6 Ford mustang convertible that won't start. It was up and running about a month ago, but since something has happened. I've thought about everything it could be and tried to fix it, and nothing has worked so far. All it does is click when you turn the key. It's done this before but usually fixed by a couple easy adjustments, but this time i just can't place it. So if you have annnnny ideas on how to fix it or what it might be let me know it would be much appreciated.

Terry Sullivan:
If it just clicks when turning the key, then either the starter solenoid is not functioning (although if you can hear a click it probably is) or the starter is not working. I know this may be obvious but is the battery holding a charge? Put on the headlights and then operate the key. If the headlights dim it may be that the starter is jammed. There should be a nut at the back of the starter motor which you can turn with the aid of a spanner (sorry, wrench). If it is jammed and by doing this you hear a click, that may be it un-jamming. If it is a manual gearbox, sometimes a jammed starter can be freed by putting the car in gear and pushing it backwards and forwards to free-off the starter. Failing that, it may also be that the battery connections to the solenoid and the starter motor are not too good. The use of a voltage meter would help in this situation. If none of this works, suggest you remove the starter motor and strip it down or take it to a specialist. Could just be worn-out brushes?[/font][/color][/size]
Best of luck.

Terry Sullivan.
United Kingdom.


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