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Is it possible to convert 72 mustang coupe to rack & pinion steering?

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 I have rack & pinion off of 84 5.0, wondering if it was possible to install it on my 72 coupe, steering very squirrely since I bought it, replaced entire front suspension & steering, didn't help much, also wondering if 60s tires in front part of problem, any help greatly appreciated. Wife on my tail about it cause I wont let her drive it like that.

Not sure about the 84 conversion, but Total Control products sells a R&P setup for your year.  I suppose you could call Total Control and pick their brain of how their R&P is installed, then look at the 84 and see if it is similar.

I have learned thet with a sawzall, cut off wheel, and a welder, anything can be done. Is it worth doing, I dont know. The unit off the 84 will be too narrow, with no place to bolt it up to, probably gonna take some work, unless the place soaring mentioned sells a kit.

Yeah, Total control sells a kit.  That is the way I would go, but I am an old man and don't have the energy to use a cutting torch, welder and bust my knuckles just to save a few bucks. 

Thanks for the replies, I've been lying under my 72 with the R&P off the 84,from my initial measurements it seems to be plenty wide enough & I don't think I'd have too much trouble mounting it, only problem is it would steer backwards because tie rods on 72 hook up on opposite ends of hub than the 84, looks like I could swap hubs, left to right & right to left & mount R &P on front side of cross member but the oil sump presents problem. Still brain storming. I went on Total Control websight, didn't see one for 72, but after seeing prices on available ones, not an option. Any thoughts? Thanks again.


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