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any idea if i can get the original camera finish look on my door panels and rear panels if i were to strip em down? theres rust spots in various places and the doors have been painted so many times they are practically smooth.

I use a paint stripper called Jasco. With strong chemical, you need to be careful and mask off what you don't want to get messed up. When the old paint is softened, you can wire brush into the grain and get it looking normal. Don't use a grinder or sandpaper (except on heavy rust). For rust, try POR-15 or any other anti-rust product. When done, a light primer coat then a final coat.

That wrinkled camera finish is hard to get back, but Jim's advice to not use sand paper is good advice.  If it's already smooth then you are SOL. 

Yeah, that is definately a SOL kind of thing. My dads 67 vert is like that on one spot on his driver side door.

That's the spot where you hang your elbow out the window while cruising.  That's just a badge of honor these old dinocaurs carry. 


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