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installing shock bracket on 1966 convertible


I need some help.  I am restoring a 66' convertible and am in the rebuild stage.  I recently installed the upper and lower control arms, spindle, strut rod and coil springs.  I then went to install the shocks and shock brackets.  However, I cannot get the three bolts and washers for the bracket to fit under the shock tower.  The top part of the coil is pressed up against the tower, not allowing me to fit the bolts in their slots.  Attached is pic of the area, in case my description is not very good. Anyway, how do I fit those bolts and washers in?  Do I have to compress and remove the coils, or is there another way (which I really hope there is).  Thanks.


Carriage bolts are used as "studs" to attach the shock tower to the fender.  The heads of the carriage bolts slide into the little gap between the tower structure and the slotted lip that the shock tower interfaces with.  The slot engages the square on the carriage bolt and keeps it from turning while the nuts are tightened to attach the shock tower.  It's been a while since I've done this but it seems to me that some persuasion was needed to get the heads of the carriage bolts into the slots - it may be that the little relief areas they slide into were smurshed a bit and that is why you can't slide them in.  You should be able to raise the slotted lips a bit with a tool (screwdriver) or just try to tap the edge of the carriage bolt head to seat it under the slot.  It may also help to relieve some of the pressure by jacking up the frame of the car so the front suspension is fully extended.

Aaah.  I see.  The mounting kit I purchased from CJ Pony Parts included standard bolts with washers.  I can see how the carriage bolts would fit in.  Thanks so much.  Back to work!   Bob


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