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Improving Traction

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I would like to make some changes to get my car to hook up better.  Right now if I use anymore than about 1/2 throttle when letting the clutch out in first, I just light the rear tires up.

The current tires are BF Goodrich Radials 235-60-15 on 15x8 rims

My current thoughts are 

lower air pressure as much as possible but how low can I go?  26 pounds? less?

Go to wider tires.  How wide can I go without interference and what is the widest tire I can fir on an 8" rim  285's?

add Subframe connectors (don't expect this to help much, but it needs them)

Add under ride traction bars.  I've seen a set of plans to make some myself-anyone have experience with this?

I don't want to go to a custom rear suspension set up, but even when I get moving without spinning the tires, when I mash the throttle in first, I can  always expect wheel spin.  It is fun, but it doesn't do much for acceleration.

ol dirty doug:
well first of all do you have a posi or lmited slip rear end?  and i run 17lbs psi in my tires on a 17 inch wheel, i imagine you can do the same.  also one little trick you can do is install an "airbag" above the passanger rear leaf spring. air it up a little at the track to get more traction on the passanger rear wheel, that is the first one to spin most of the time.  as for traction bars, those really only help if you hare wheel hop or spring wrap. if you have slicks and leaf springs i highlt recomend those. sub frame connectors are a great upgrade and will help with traction due to the twisting motion of the body, and puts more torque to the ground and not thru the body.

Thanks Doug

I have the Track Lok rear end (posi) and dropped back from 4.11 gears to 3.50 gears as I do drive on the interstate a little bit and the 4.11's were a bit excessive.

I currently do not have any wheel hop, so I am going to leave traction bars on the bottom of my list of things to try.

I found 275-60-15 BF Goodrich radials that match my current tires (except for size and I think I can run that width without a problem.  At $70.00 a piece they are cheap enough to give a try.

Since my rear end is 28 spline axles, I don't think I'll be running slicks anytime soon.  I suspect my horsepower and the centerforce dual friction clutch might make it possible to twist an axle running slicks.

Hopefully I'll get the car dyno'ed in January after finishing up an ignition upgrade and getting the timing and fuel mixture both dialed in. 

Bigger back tires should also drop my effective gear ratio down and besides

Muscle cars look cool with big fat tires in back!

A lot of guys use drag radials on the rear.  They are not slicks, but stick to the pavement better than street tires.  Go around the water trough before entering the staging area. Also, do a burnout before the tree lights up.  17 lbs on the tires seems a bit too low to me, but if it works, it works.  I agree about the sub-frame connectors.  Also, a lot of guys try to get as much weight moved from the front of the car as possible, threfore, moving the battery to the trunk. 

Thought about moving the battery, but the fastback trunk is so small already that I am reluctant to do so.

ANyone have experience with tinman subframe connectors?


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