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Improving Traction

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To move the battery to the trunk, you have to completely level the floor of the trunk on a fastback.  Here is what it should look like when finished.

One of the issues with locating the battery in the trunk is that with the trap door and fold down seat, the trunk area is not sealed from the passenger compartment.  A proper battery box takes care of that, but the other issue is the spare tire mounts on the passenger side leaving only the driver side available unless I want to cut the hold down sheet metal piece away and remount it to the opposite side.  I really would prefer not to do that, and a battery and my 200 pounds of driver weight would really make the car a little lopsided and unfortunately it would be to the wrong side for traction purposes.

I suppose I could use a really light battery for the drag strip, but for the day to day street use, I want to improve traction as well.  20 pound tire pressures don't seem to me to be a good solution on the street, but maybe 22-24 pounds would be better.

Or I could just spray the tires with 3 M adhesive before driving LOL

ol dirty doug:
dude i love the 3m idea!!!!!!!!!   i want to see a video when you do it!!!!!

Why need a spare tire if your purpose is to move weight to the passenger side of the rear while dragging?  I hope you don't stop to change a flat during a drag race.   ;D  You don't need to be racing from light to light in the city anyway, so why worry about the weight on the fat butt driver's side?   ;D  What I have shown you is a way to move the battery to the passenger side in a fastback, and it has been done many times, but only if you are serious about drag racing.  For street use, this procedure is a costly and worthless waste of money.   The weitht of most batteries is about the same, so using a 4 lb. less weight battery during racing situations is folly.  If the weight of your body on the driver's side makes your car sag to the driver's side, then you have a lot more suspension issues than the weight of a battery. 
If you want more weight on the rear during drag racing situations, throw in a sack of sand on the passenger side.   :o

When i raced my truck i used bags of cement in the bed, but after the first pass they made me get rid of them so i just spun the tires at the line for several seconds before i could move haha. But yes the 70s mustangs always had the traction issue. I have the same problem on mine but seeing as i don't race in on a regular basis and during street driving it seems to be ok i havent really tried to fix it.


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