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Ignition switch or slenoid


Thnaks to all for their suggestion to fix my problems on a 1968 mustang coupe, 302 2v.
We had a problem with the battery going dead, we find out that the ignition switch was staying in the on position after removing the key, I am not a genius as far as mechanics goes, but is it the ignition switch or the slenoid.

When I hooked the jumper cables to the battery the car was trying to start without the key being in the ignition.

Replace your ignition switch. 

ol dirty doug:
your starter solinoid could be stuck in the on position also, easy way to check, disconect the battery and use a dvm (digital volt meter) or something to chech the continuity between the cable that goes from the battery and the cable that goes to the starter, if you have continuity between the two then it is a bad solinoid.

If the ignition switch is staying in the "on" position after you take out the key, then the ignition switch is bad and needs to be replaced.  Whenever the solenoid goes bad, it doesn't do anything.  Try jumping over the solenoid, but I bet you that your ignition switch needs replacing.   


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