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I want to put a V8 and a 5 Speed in my 65 what should I use?


painted pony:
I just bought two 6cyl 3 speed 65s and want to turn one into a V8 5 speed car. What motor and trany should I use? is there kits out there, or is it easier than that? I would love to get some input from anyone that knows about this or has done it. Thank You

That is one of the most asked questions we get.  I will include some sites for you to read which discusses this very thing.  Generally, your front suspension has to be replaced and the rear end has to be replaced with either an 8" or a 9".  The 289 and the 302 V8 engines will slip right in, but the big blocks won't fit without some major mods to the engine bay. 
I6 to V8 swap:

Another I6 to V8 swap:

351C and 351W swap into a 64-66:

painted pony:
The first two sites did not work. What should I do to the front end? Is there anyone out there that sells kits to do this?

Sorry 'bout that.  Try this one.


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