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I was wondering if the oil in the valve cover is under pressure when the car is running? Reason I am asking this question is because I notice today that I had oil coming out of the valve cover but it was not leaking,it was squriting, so far that it could reach the shock tower and boucne back on the headers,is this normal? I changed the oil pump to a high pressure pump,it has eledlbrock manifold,carb combo,268h cam.A friend of mine said it could be the pvc setup. thanks in advance guys.

The simple answer is yes. There is a small amount of post-combustion gas that leaks past valves in normal operation. There is also oil that is squirted into the rockers as a normal operation and flows back into the oil pan. Your high pressure pump "could" fill the valve covers past the point that the return channels could handle and the only way for oil to get out is the PCV system. The PCV system is evacuated by engine vacuum that normally pulls oil vapors back into the combustion cycle via the carburetor. Your high pressure pump may be the culprit as the increase in pressure is most likely created by raising the point where the by pass valve cuts in. 

I had the same problem when I bought my car.

The problem I had was a result of the prior owner changing valve covers and putting a non vented cap on the valve cover opposite the PCV system.  Once corrected the problem was resolved immediately.

Also check the PCV hose, if it has gotten soft it can collapse under vacuum and create the same problem even if the opposite valve cover is vented properly.

I agree.  It's both a venting problem and possibly the oil pump is just creating too much pressure.  Make sure the valve covers are vented properly and that the PCV is venting properly as well. 

I found it! after taking the drivers side of the car apart trying to find where this oil is coming from,I notice that my oil pressure had dropped to nothing,I have tried almost everything  now I am starting to think something major is wrong with the block or cyclinder head,when my son playing with the dog threw the ball in the engine bay I went to get it and notice that the line that runs to the oil pressure gauge had a pin whole in it,problem solved.


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