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how to decode a vin number?

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Hi Guys,
where do I find the information to decode my vin number? I want to know if my drive train numbers match the vin. Doe's anybody know a web site to look it up or have a book if I give you the vin number.
where on the engine is the number I have a 6 cyl. also where on the tranny and where on the rear end. The drive train is out of the car so it will be easy to find the numbers.
Thank you,

For a start, I would suggest you subscribe to Mustang Monthly magazine
Then get a bunch of mail order (and online) Mustang parts catalogs. Everybody has their favorites. Mine are National Part Depot (NPD) Virginia Classic Mustang and Texas Mustang Parts
As to your original question, try the FAQ section of this forum. If Glen (Soaring) has done his job correctly (he usually does but he's old, sometimes not sober and decrepid), your answer will be in there.

You can find all that decoding information under section IV in the FAQ right above this thread.  Now, understand that you will not have a numbers matching Mustang prior to 1968 so if that pony is a 65. 66 or 67 it won't have the VIN on the engine and tranny.  What year is it?  Don't listen to Jim.  He's older than I am,  sucks on cheap California red, and is an ex-Sailor.  How many sailors do you know who are not quite right in the head regarding their sexual orientation?  ;D

Remember the Alamo? Glen was just a youngster then, and was still wet - althought not just behind the ears. VIN (not vine - and my CRW is better than Texas premium) numbers were not required on engines until 1968 so a 67, being it was made before the 1968 models, would be best identified by the casting date and engine assembly date.  BTW, Glen (Soaring) is one of the smartest men on this planet. 

Guys how do I find the FAQ section in section 4? I am looking for Glen Soaring information on decoading a vin.
Thanks, John


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