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How do you roll fenders

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Hey Yall,
I have a 1966 mustang coupe and I need someone to explain to me the proper method of rolling the fenders. As is I can hardly slide a finger between the fender and the top of the tire. The car is already painted and when I role the fenders what is the risk of messing up the paint. I dont have a good picture at this time but i have attached some that i have. The current tire size is 245-60-15. I plan on changing the wheels later on to a 17" but i would like to keep the same tire size b/c i like the way it fills in the wheel well. Any help on this subject would be great


Your car is beautiful just as it is, but the ones who tub and roll their fenders do it with a baseball bat.  You can buy a special tool, but the bat seems to be the favovite tool. 

CJ Pony Parts sells a roller tool, but it isn't cheap. 

I did a few in my younger days with a baseball bat, but rarely did the paint get through the process without a little damage.

As light as your car is, you could easily go to 235 60 15 without any loss in handling ability and I doubt the difference in appearance would be noticable

Well now that it's painted I wouldn't try doing it. Car seems to be sitting lowered. I know that you probably want that look but you could try replacing the front and rear springs.

ol dirty doug:
i think that if you use a die grinder to remove the inside lip of the fender that would be the safest way to help with out paint damage just go slow and do not over heat the paint or metal.

one other idea is to have a machine shop mill the back of your wheel to give you more offset. or buy a different offset wheel if there is room on the inside so you do not rub. or narrow the dif. and scoot the wheel tubs in a couple inches to retain a stock look.


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