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How do you roll fenders

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ol dirty doug:
heck ya it is, i've done it once, my good friend does it for a living and made it look esay so i gave it a try and i can honestly say i am going to stick with what i do best and it is deffinatly not horseshoeing!!!!

It's a back breaking job, and that is when the horse cooperates.   ;D

I have a 66 that had 195/70/14's 14x5 style steels. I wanted to beef up the look of the car a bit, so after little research and not wanting to roll fenders I came up with 225/60/15's style steels. They fit just about right with no rubbing, and no wheels sticking out look.

That would be my preferred way to go about it.  I like the big beef on the ground, but not altering the body to get there. 


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