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horn rim removal


Please help.  I am having problem with blinkers and I think it is the switch, however I cannot figure out how to remove the horn rim.  It is the spoke type on a 66,  Once I get that off I can handle the wheel  if it needs to come off.  So what is the proper way to remove the horn rim to get to the blinker switch?  I have looked for a hidden screw or catch but see nothing.  Don't want to break anything by just pulling or giving it a good yank!  Son't see anything in the shop manuel about it, just says to remove  but not how.    Thanks

Grab it by the center where the horn button is and twist to your left.  Twist hard.  You aren't going to break anything if you use the horn button and not the ring.   I would unhook the battery first. 

Thanks, worked like a charm. You are a very helpful guy.

Been there, done that.   ;D  That's what this forum is all about.  Sharing ideas and experiences.  Someday we may meet at a rally or meet, and you can buy me a beer.  In fact, you can buy me a beer right now.  Look at my Avatar, then scroll down to the glass of beer.  Click on it and donate.  Not asking for a donation, just telling you about the features of this site. 


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