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Help with turn signal/wiper problem


I have a 1969 fastback.  When I took it out of winter storage this year, the turn signals and windsheild wipers were not working.  The turn signals do not flash on the exterior, and the green arrows in the dash do not flash or make a clicking noise either.

Are these likely seperate issues or could they run on the same circuit.

The only thing that has changed in that area of the car reciently was the ignition was replaced.  Before storage last year the vehicle was broken into and attempeted to be stolen.  I am not 100% sure the signals were working when I left the shop. (went straight from there to storage)

Is it possible the shop did something in the process of changing the ignition?

Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

Jerry Baker:
they Could have.  But my wifes 70 has a ground problem that makes hers not work from time to time.  Butyou may have  a switch problem.  And the Wiper switch is close to the key switch so they could have pulled a wire lose or some thing.

Check for lose grounds and then fuses, then the switches, if they are the origianls like the ones in mine they may have just stopped working


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