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Help With 65 Mustang Build Date Estimation


Hello. Need your assistance please. I live in Australia & have a 1965 Mustang Coupe that has no Warranty Plate. The VIN Number is 5R07C242314. Looking at what the build date might be.

Jim (66GTKFB) did a good job in guestimating this for roadshowbob in March 2010 & would appreciate if he or someone else could do the same.

Also, I cannot determine if the colour is Rangoon Red or Poppy Red. Photo attached. 

Cheers Darren

I was interested in this and did some searching.  I found a database on line that helps people find out information about their cars.

The URL is  You have to register but it does not cost anything and they don't ask for a lot of personal information.

If I read their database correctly, your car was probably produced on July 9 in 1965, although it could also have been on July 8.

I can't help you with the color though - sorry.

Thanks topless_horse.

Cheers Darren


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