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Help w/ brake-light problem ('69 Mach I)


Looking for some guidance on a brake-light problem with my '69 Mach I.

Brake lights do not operate when brake pedal is depressed.  Passenger-side tail light appears to be stuck with brake light on (very bright) while driver side is normal (or weak).

I have removed brake-light switch and cleaned it.  Can't tell if it's bad or not.  The wire connectors look fine, but cannot tell for sure.  All fuses are fine good.  Rest of lights operate fine.

Is it likely the switch?  Could it be a wiring-related problem?

Brake lights had been working fine until I pulled car out from winter storage this year.

Any suggestions?



Jerry Baker:
Im not the best person to help but my wifes 70 had light problems as well and it was a ground wire.  I almost never found it.  I still have no turn signals but I do have brake lights.

Dont know if this helps but I know grounds can make a mess of your lights.


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