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I'd like to ask you for an advice. I'm from Europe and I have a chance to buy a 67 Mustang Fastback, which is here, in Poland. I know it's a rare car, but this one is a total junk, I would have to replace every piece of it. It costs 6500$ and I'm wondering it's worth its price.
I already have a 67 Mustng coupe but 67 Fback has always been my dreamt car. That's why I'd like to ask you if it's possible to buy this car cheaper in the U.S. or for the same price but in a better condition. Please consider that i have to pay the shipping to Poland (2500$).
Thank you for help in advance,
Martin  :-?

Jerry Baker:
let s were to start.   Do you or can you get a photo or 2 of it.

do you know any of the vin number was it a shelby, a gt or what have you.

send me your email and i will look here for 67's that need work or are done.

my email is

but with out knowing some of the stuff above i dont know what to tell you.

okay it is 6500 with out shipping or is that with everything toi get it to your yard is 6500? Either way if it is all torn to hell I would not waist my time but it depends on how bad you want the car. I would put alought of thought behind it but I would try to find one in better condition or maybe look into a kit car BRO. STANG OUT

I already decided not to take that car, cause it's too expensive
for its condition, I'm also in touch with Jerry Baker (Godfather)
and I asked him to look for a 67 fastback for me,
I'm interrested in every offer, so if you hear 'bout something, please let me know,


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