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help confused trany or engine


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We were checking the compression in the car and tried to turn the engine over by hand and it wouldn't move. Now the engine is out of the car, heads are off and the trany is off. All of a sudden we can turn the engine over by hand.Could the problem be the transmission? The engine wasn't making any noises before we took it out. But it seemed to have a hard time turning over.Compression was great also. We thought it might be the main bearings but now that it,s turning I'm thinking the trany.When I drove it a few weeks before i seemed to get a lack of power i couldn't get the engine over 50kmh. the engine is a 351c 4v and the trany is a c6. Should I be able to turn over the trany by hand once its out of the car?

Hey brother I just put my 351 2V back in with everything in it and still had not problems. I would have taken the trans off then tried to turn it before I took off the heads. If it was still hard you could have taken the plugs out which would have helped. Let me know if you are still having any problems. STANG OUT

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Well now that everything is out I decided to rebuild the trany and the engine.I will put a meaner cam in it  a shift kit and a bigger torque converter.I'm also adding a B&M megashifter in there with line locks on the front breaks.I will be getting the engine balanced by a local speed shop and get the shift kit installed at the same time I get the trany done. I got my stock intake machined a little to help with the flow.

thanks for the concern


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