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Heater blower motor

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I do not need one at this time but if I ever do need a new blower motor for heat, do you take the old motor off from inside under the dash or the engine compartment?

To remove the heater blower moter on a 64 thru 68 (67 and 68 with air is a bit more complicated), you need to remove the entire heater box. Go to the FAQ section and do some reading. The reference is about replacing the core but the motor is simple once you got the heater box out.

I was afraid of that. Seems like they could have put it so you could exchange it from under the hood. ::) Thanks.

Another option if you choose; Go to Mustang Monthly website, they have a great step by step article that will walk you through taking the heater box, core and blower motor out and putting back together.
Be aware it is a project and patience is a must ! That was one of the first projects I tackled when I bought my 67' but once done, well worth the effort. Like a lot of cars domestic or foreign they designed the heater box/core assembly and then built the rest of the car around it.......

Good luck


I still say I do not see why they (Ford) could not have the blower motor mounted on the fire wall???? Guess they wanted the dealers to make a little more money when one went south. :-\


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