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Okay it's suppose to be 50 degrees today. My mind goes to my 66 that has been in storage all winter and baseball. I ordered baseball tickets now it's time to focus on the mustang. This car was destined to be a drag car when I found it. It handles bad. They removed the sway bars, put on traction bars and locked the rearend. Their plan was to run in a straight line. I want a road car. I'm looking at a Grab Track suspension rebuild kit. It has new sway bars, A arms and all the components. Is there some other brand or any other things I should look at?

Stock comes to mind -

I haven't found a complete stock rebuild kit, only after market. I found the stock components by the piece. Budget will be an issue and resto mod looks like my best option with where the car is at this point but I'm still looking for used parts. Thanks for responding.

You can get stock suspension parts, but I'm not sure they come in a kit.  I haven't put the Grab-A-Trak kit on my '65, but I have talked to a bunch of classic owners who have, and they all seemed very satisfied. 

Try looking in the NPD or mustangs unlimited books. I bought a pretty much stock rebuild kit for my 71 Mach out of the NPD book so I'm sure they have it for the 66..


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