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got my new heads

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Well if its any consolation which i doubt it is, you weren't going to get 300 hp with that cam any way so if it was me i would just leave the heads unless you REALLY want that compression. But hey look on the bright side, don't have to worry about pump gas anymore haha.

This cam is supposedly a good cam cause it has really fast ramp rates. It's .050 durations are alot higher then other cams of the same size. I've heard a few and they sound like beasts. I really dont want to lower my compression... that means im going to have like 8.3 compression or something like that, jeez. So even when im porting and polishing these heads im not going to tell any difference cause the lose in compression is just offsetting any power i get.

Quit farting around with those heads.  Keep them original. 

Yeah, Im taking them back. They are going to rebuild my originals.

Good thinking. 


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