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Got a 9: finally

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I just picked up a 9" for my mach 1. I am having the it rebuild with 3.25 gears, limited slip, new bearings the whole bit. Should be nice when its all said and done.

I'm surprised you even found one.  The 3.25's will be great street gears....good choice.  Let us  know when she's in and how it feels. 

Yeah i got lucky, found it at some no name mom and pop mustang shop near my house for $200. I will be sure to let everyone know.

Tim  sorry I don't remember which tranny you have, are you still installing a 5 speed?  If so you might want a higher ratio like 3.50 or 3.89

Nope close ratio 4 speed toploader. This way i can at least somewhat drive on the freeway haha.


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