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Good machine shop/engine rebuilder in Dallas area?


Hi Guys-

New to the forum, hoping you can help.  My 66 coupe has the original 289 in it, never rebuilt.  180K miles, but hasn't been driven much inthe last 10 years.  Been in the family since 68.

Been gathering parts to restore, and starting it every few weeks.  Usually starts and runs OK, but today I started it, ran OK for a minute or 2, then ran rough and started making tapping/knocking noises.  Not SUPER bad, but bad enough.

At any rate, probably time for a rebuild anyway, since the goal is to be a daily driver.

Any suggestions on good shops would be appreciated.  I'm on the northeast side of Dallas, so the closer to that area the better.


on something like this,  your gonna want quotes from a few places. i went and looked at the bbb for engine rebuild in dallas. heres the link:

Try to search in some online I guess you can find some little information about machine shop in Dallas area. However, try to follow what member said in their post. Or maybe try to ask in some friends of you I think they know some machine shop that near in Dallas or in Dallas area.

you could also try calling Dallas Mustang and see if they know of any good shops for you to contact.

There HAS to be at least a dozen or so machine shops in the DFW area that are good ones.  Try the yellow pages, then go visit their shop and talk to the head dude about what you want, and what can he offer.  In the meantime add some (QUART) Marvel Mystery oil and take it out for a long drive.  You will be surprised at how much better that old 289 will run after that.  If it has been sitting for 10 years, you have all kinds of gunk built up that needs to be melted, and all those parts such as the tappets need a good oiling.  If it isn't blowing black smoke out the rear after you get back from your tour, then you may not even need an overhaul.  These old engines need a good exercise at least once a month.  I drive my 65 about 20 miles once a month just to keep all the parts oiled up and running smooth.  You probably have some gas in that tank that has turned to varnish. 


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