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Gas tank questions?


I have a 73 mustang with a 351 cleveland. It is supposed to have a 20 gallon tank. It was replaced before I bought this 2 years ago. Whatever I do I can not put more 10 gallongs in the tank or it will come out of the spout. Ii have replaced the pickup, I have drained the tank twice to see how much is left versus the gauge. It is spot on. I have heard of tank getting an air bubble inside. I only get two drive this to work 2 times before I fill up again. I bought a new tank and measured to make sure they are the same. I have measured every angle and they are. I just wanted to make sure the guy who put it in didnt put a 16 gallon in. Also since I drained it I here a popping noise from the tank after I shut the car off. It happens a couple times. If its air in tank how do I get it out. Thanks jemoore24

With the cap off and you are filling it, there won't be any air in the tank.  Try filling with the nozzle about halfway out so the air can escape.The gas will push the air to the top.  There has got to be something else wrong.  If you are using your gauge as a reference as to how much gas in in the tank, then don't.  Those old gauges are very innacurate.  Try replacing the gauge with a new one, or at least replace the sending unit. 

The sending unit I have replaced. Its new. Also I drain the tank When it gets to E mark and it has 2 gallong left. When I go to fill up I can only put in 10 gallons. I am stumped. I was thinking also could it be the return. Thanks jemoore24

The sending unit does not  reach to the bottom of the tank, so don't worry about it.  When that innacurate gauge reads Empty, just fill up again.  Mine does the same thing.  These old dinosaur Mustangs are not Mercedes Benzes.   ;D

Funny you should say that. My mom has a turbo diesel Mercedes and its even more un accurate than mine is because of all the sludge in the tank from the diesel ;D


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