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Gas pedal spring on my 65

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I bought this gas pedal spring for my '65, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to install it.  When I bought the car many years ago, the spring was missing.  I don't think it is necessary, but I am anal retentive and want it orirginal, so want the spring attached.  I can't seem to get the pedal removed.  The bolt just does not want to come out.  Does anybody know how to attach it and how to remove the pedal?  Pics would help this anal retentive man.   ;D

Driving a car without that spring is a felony in many states so I'll do my best to get you legal again.
First the pedal has to come off. A large Phillips head screw driver is needed to remove the shoulder screw. Looking at the picture you posted of the spring, from the bottom up, the "curved" part of the spring goes on the arm coming down to the pedal, the next bend hooks under the Phillips head screw at the right inside of the two screw retaining "tangs" and the last sharp right angle bend goes flat on the pedal. There may be a slot for the end of the spring on the pedal. It's a pain type of installation, so I've used a piece of tape on the spring to the pedal, then position the "curved" part on the arm and slide the Phillips head screw in. Long necks help.

I can't get the damn phillips screw out to take the pedal off. .   Once I get that figured out, I guess I can install the spring.  It's not a felony here is Texas though.  The inspection guys are clueless regarding these old Mustangs. 

You might check with your local Toyota dealer for help.  I understand they are experts on solving gas pedal issues.

HA HA to funny Fastback  ;D ;D Good One


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