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Fuel leak...


1966 Mustang (V6,Auto). There is fuel leak that is originating in the engine compartment where the steel fuel line connects to the rubber hose (which connects to the fuel pump).  There is also a white substance at the connection (See photo).  The night before the leak started I filled the tank up after it was very near empty.  I also poured in GUMOUT Fuel System Cleaner and STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer.  I'm wondering if this has something to do with the leak or if it is just a coincidence.  Any ideas what might be causing the leak?


from what I see there is no clamp on it. personally I dont like using gumout or heet in my cars, they always break stuff loose and clog something ( which what they are supossed to do). My buddy used to use heet all the time to get rid of any water in the tank but did not realise the how heet works , it collectes all the water in the tank into a gel and then sinks into the bottom of his tank, when the gas gets low the pump would suck it up. and also while is sites in your tank it will cause rust to form on the bottom.

I put a clamp on it... so far so good... no leaks.  It didn't have a clamp for the longest time and there were no leaks so I didn't notice it not having one.  Thanks.


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