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Front seats 66 mustang

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I am thinking of changing my front seats and was wondering if anybody had fitted seats from a  Toyota mr2

Hi all, has anyone fitted head rests to their original seats. If so how did they work out and where did you get them. Thanks.


Rat Fink:
I would guess you could adapt any small car seat to your mustang. You should not do anything to your original 66 seats. But there yours.

I drive a MR2 every day.  It is the 85-89 style model.  The seats are comfortable  enough.  I have seen in passing through mustang forums that there are a few mustangs with those seats.  A few MR2s came with nice leather covered seats.

What I think is the seat to get would be a Fiero (the nemesis of the MR2) The seats are in a few mustangs as well and have some aftermarket support for nice black leather covers that sorta match the original 65-66 standard upholstery

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