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Front seats 66 mustang

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Joe AZ 2 PA:

--- Quote from: Rat Fink on April 18, 2011, 07:21:20 PM ---Jake
I would guess you could adapt any small car seat to your mustang. You should not do anything to your original 66 seats. But there yours.

--- End quote ---

I agree with saving the seats if you do change. I put 73 Cougar high backs in my 66 for many years but went back to the originals during this redo. . . 8)

Thanks for all your replies. It is from a safety point I would like headrests. I found a site custom accessories that do retro fit headrests, has anyone fitted them. I was thinking of the mr2 seats because they tilt forward. Jim

I put a set of 300 zx seats in a full sized Ford Bronco by using the Bronco seat brackets and removing most of the electrics and welding a few cross braces onto the seat frame.  The whole thing took an afternoon and came out great.

If the seat base width and depth is relatively close anything can be done.

Thank you for your reply


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