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Front Seat Bench Relocation


I am in the process of doing a 1965 2+2 restro project. I've replaced the floor pans and am in the process of installing the front seat benches. I am 6' 4" tall and have lowered the benches 1 3/8" for more head room and am considering moving the benchs back 2" for more leg room. To do this I would need to relocate the drain plugs 2" back.

I have not owned an early Mustang before and didn't set in this one before dissasembly. Is there enough leg room if I leave the seats in the stock location?

I am new to the Forum, any help would be appricated!

Welcome to our forum. You are very tall and I don't think you will be confortable sitting in your Stang. Seing the work you did from the pictures in your website and if you replaced the floor pan yourself it should not be a problem for you to relocate the drain plugs. Before doing so why don't you reinstall the seat in the stock location so you can test it?
Keep us informed about your project. A restomod fastback is the way to go   ;-)

Thanks for your response! I did put the seat back in and it seemed like I should move them back but not having the steering in I wasn't sure. I guess after going to this much work I should go ahead and do it.

I have a lot more pic's just havn't put them on the site. I'll try to get to that. It has been a major undertaking but I just couldn't stand letting the fastback go to the parts pile.

Thank you for saving the life of this fastback Mustang :)


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