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floor mounted beam selector switch '65 mustang


Baby Blue:
There is NO beam selector switch anywhere on the floor of my new 65....any idea if some cars just did not come with high beam floor knob???

As far as I know all the cars came with the beam selector switch (although it's possible that the European T5's didn't).  Do your headlights work?  I'd guess that maybe someone replaced a floor pan or carpet at some point and did not reinstall the switch in it's normal location.  If it's not sticking up from under the edge of the carpet near the firewall you could pull the left front corner of the carpet back and see if at least the wires are there.  There should be a 3 pin connector with a red/black stripe, a green/black stripe and a red/yellow stripe wire attached.  The red/yellow is power from the light switch, the green/black is power to the high beams and the red/black is power to the low beams.

There's a schematic diagram and pictorial here if you need them -


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