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Flexplate & transmission questions


I have a 66 Mustang with an I6 that I'm going to do the V8 swap. I had a guy rebuild me a 302 that I believe is a 1978 block with the 28oz Harmonic balancer. It does not have a flexplate on the back and he also threw in a used v8 model C4 transmission.

The model number for the block is D8OE 6015 E3A and the balancer number is D62E-6316-A2A. The model number on the Transmission is DAOP 7006 AA. I couldn't find any information on the transmission, so I don't know what year model or anything about it. He also left the torque converter in it.

What I need to know is what flexplate should I use and will this transmission work with the engine as is, or do I need to buy a new bellhousing/torque converter.  Also, will the flexplate/bellhousing on my I6 C4 work with the new V8?

Thanks in advance


You also need the 28 oz flexplate with that early model 302 and the early model V8 C4.  The 50 oz. guys came later in the early 80's. 


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