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HI just got my first mustang its a 68 coupe w/a 289auto and has very min rust on the rear 1/4's um.. i curently deployed in Iraq so i have time to plan what exaxtly how to restore it but if anyone has any tips and info i could use I would appreciate it termendusly thanks
     ~ Matt

please exuse my grammer I just reviewed my post after I send it sorry.

First I want to say THANK YOU FOR DUTY AND SERVING THE U.S. MILITARY. what branch are you in?

ANY way there are tons of stuff for your stang, so much you could build one from scratch. give me your address over there and I make sure you will get a ARSE load of catalogs,also ask for reqests from your buddies and I will send other catalogs of muscle cars ,girls and prob even more girls that dont wear "VAILS".he he  OOH RAH. Lance Corpral Dustin Draper USMC.. 1stmarine 1st div

Thanks for responding,  Im SGT in the ACTIVE ARMY . That would be really cool if you could send some catalogs. I would appreciate it. MY address over here is                              SGT Gonzalez, Matthew                                  
C co 17 Sig Bn OIF 3
APO, AE,  09225
That 50 cal. aint no joke hooah!!!!  Thanks again

I dont want to blow sunsine up your butt, I got the ball rolling for something special you and your guys. If what I was told is true.. you getting the hook up ...


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