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im having trouble fitting in a new export brace,when one side lins up,the other side doesn't iv'e jacked the car up under the front cross member, hopeing the shock towers will sag outwards,but now joy,any advice to solve this problem?
        cheers chris u.k

Let it sag for about a week, then try it again.  Mine went in just fine, but I hear war stories.  Some have taken 2X4s and a bottle jack to get it to fit. 

  Hi again,
  I had the car on stands for about 5 days now,but still 2 holes dont line up, could somebody ss
   somebody send me a phote where the jack should be placed.
    thanks for all your help.  chris uk

The jack should be placed in the middle of the two pieces of wood which are hitting the top of the shock towers.  The idea is to get the shock towers to spread outwards creating a wider clearance for the brace. 

I can't put a monti carlo brace on mine either because when the I am excelerating the engine tends to torque up and to the right and my blower shaft goes right up against it hard. It doesn't have that much room to begin with. Maybe 1/2". I was think about trying to see if I can modify the monti carlo bar by putting an upward bend in the bar right above the blower shaft to give it room to do it's thing when I acclerate.


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