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I have a 72 Mach I with a 302. The car is stock original right down to the orange splotches on the back of the rims.  The only mod I did was to remove the single exhaust and replace with a dual exhaust via Midas about 15 years ago.  The duals are true duals with no cross pipe.  The pipes size I believe is either 2” or 2.25” with stock mufflers. 
To me the sound increase from single to dual exhaust is fine.  However, my wife has mentioned during the last 13 years or so that it needs to be louder and have more of a rumble.  I am finally getting around to it because my wife recently purchased a motorcycle that has a better rumble and louder sound than my Mustang. 

The guideline I am going to follow (or try to follow) is as follows:

Keep the original exhaust manifolds, the pipes from the manifold to the mufflers, and no need for a cross pipe.  The car is more show than go.   

With that in mind, one thought is to replace the mufflers with glasspacks with the same size in/out let diameters of the pipes.   My next thought is to use Flowmaster 40 series mufflers with 2.5” in/out lets.  I would come into the 40’s with the smaller pipe and then replace the back with 2.5”.   My third, fourth, fifth, etc I’ll leave up to the people on this forum that have more experience in the science of exhaust configurations.

Thanks to everyone, in advance, for taking the time to read and reply to my post.


First of all, welcome to the site.  Is this your car, or your wife's?  ;D
If you are wanting a louder muffler, then the 40 series will definitely give  you that.  I put Ravins on mine and love the rumble without the loud raspy sounds emitted by the 40 series.  You can go to the FAQ section of the Classic section and listen to several muffler applications, then make your choice. 

Yeah if you want the rumble put 2 Super 44's Flowmaster mufflers on there and you should be good to go.

I just put on my 67' 289 a 2.25" dual H system with stainless Magna Flow mufflers keeping the stock exhaust manifolds. The car sounds great has that throaty V8 sound without the rappy glass-pack sound. The complete system cost including removing the stock single system was $400.00, I am pleased with the results and the job the local shop did.

Hi everyone,

This is my first post in this group as I just registered.  I'm also looking for similar information: I have a 69 Mach I with a 351W and have just bought a set of ceramic coated Hedman full length headers (HED-88866) in Summit's Fall 09 Catalog.  After reading lots of posts and listening to various videos on YouTube I'm thinking on going with a set of MagnaFlow stainless mufflers (MPE-14319 or 329) and I'll be putting a complete stainless exhaust on as well.  I'm wondering if I can fit 3" pipes under the car and if I'll need offset or center outlets on the mufflers.  Based on the pictures above (thanks Jeff!) it looks like I'll need the offset (although that's apparently a 67 based on your screen-name).  The 3" exhaust all the way back would probably give a deeper sound and flow more freely - but I don't know if they'd clear going up and over the rear end.  Can anyone advise?


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