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Exhaust set up suggestions

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a dual 3" exhaust will probably not scavenge effectively and will reduce your power production.  Exhaust pulses are timed 90 degrees apart and as they go through the collector into the exhaust, the restriction makes them speed up and then they pull the next pulse through.  v-8's can't quite get all 4 cylinders on one side to scavenge at the right time, typically the rear two cylinders are out of sync (that's why crossover pipes work so well) 

If you go out through a pipe the same size as the header collector, you'll lose the scavenging effect.

Thanks Jeff, well explained.  I also just spoke to the guy who rebuilt the engine a few years back and he recommended avoiding the 3" pipes behind the collectors as well - though without the explanation.  Appreciate the reply!

It is counter intuitive, but it is essentially the same principle involved in not using an over sized carb.

Think of it as taking a water hose that is on and covering half the opening and watching the pressure change cause the water to shoot much further.

Sometimes bigger ain't better.  At least that is what she said.   ;D

Stick with 2.25 or 2.5" max coming from your collectors into your mufflers and out the back, will be most efficient and will sound great, I used a stainless Magna Flow system and am pleased with it.



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