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A buddy of mine has a 72 El Camino and he put some 3" pipes on it with 50 series flowmaster mufflers. I kept trying to talk him out of it but he wouldn't listen. Spent all the money to have them installed, and he didn't like the sound or the performance. He got a good "I told ya so" once it was all said and done.

Just got the car back this week with the Hedman headers and 2.25" MagnaFlow stainless exhaust.  Sounds great!  I especially like the sound at idle and just off idle.  There's a little bit of resonance at 40-45mph, but only when there's load on the engine - so it's over quick and not very noticeable.  I was pleasantly surprised at the apparent increase in horsepower; the responsiveness from idle is really improved - no hesitation or bogging at all - which was somewhat of a problem previously (with 650 Holley and 2" dual exhaust through a single double-through muffler).  I didn't want an over-the-top sound -- ala glass-packs  -- and this is just to my liking.  You can turn heads when you want to by stomping on it, but the internal sound isn't deafening at highway speeds.  One drawback that I'll have to look into fixing somehow is a limited left-turning radius.  I noticed it immediately, but haven't yet had the chance to check it out in detail.

Now I have the previous 2" stainless system (from stock manifolds back to the stock tips - including H-pipe) available if anyone's interested.  Would be a bear to ship unless I cut it first.  It has a brand-new stock muffler (not stainless) as of a month ago since I needed it to pass inspection and keep driving.

I have "before" videos (with sound) with the 2" exhaust and will be taking the "after" videos tomorrow for comparison.


Appears to be close to the same system (except for headers) I had installed on my 67' convertible ! Hopefully you will enjoy the results as much as I do.


Short update after day-long ride in central PA mountains...
With windows closed (was getting cold last night in Mtns!) and going about 45mph - there's a distinct "helicopter rotor" sound that's a bit annoying - only while accelerating or while engine's under load.  It disappears around 50-55mph.  With windows closed and at highway speed it's going to be tough to listen to a radio unless you have it up loud.  I wouldn't want to drive cross-country with these mufflers, but otherwise I like their sound except for the previously mentioned resonance.  Since the mufflers clamp into the system I may play around with different models to see what the differences are - but it's getting a bit late in the driving season for Pennsylvania so that may have to wait until next year.

After 19 years I finally replaced my stock 2 Meineke mufflers with 2.5 Flowmasters Super 40s.  I kept the 2 pipes in place from the manifolds to the supers and put 2.5 down turns that stop just before the rear axle.   The wife is very happy with the sound and so are the kids.  You can find a recording of the new exhaust system here:  72 Mustang Duals 40s series 2.5" (no H or X)


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