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Going to service my engine soon on my 67 289,i was wondering what the favoured oil is among the club?
                         cheers chris uk ;D

Don A:
I would simply use a name brand 10W-40--I favor the major Oil Company Brands

i use a motorcraft filter or wix(napa) and then i use castrol 10-30

You need to do some research on Synthetic oils.  I have been using Mobil 1 for quite sometime and am very pleased with it.  Synthetic oil is slicker so gets into places that dino oil has a difficult time at start up when the oil is still cold, and it lubricates much better than dino.  And, as Stephen said, get either a Motorcraft of Wix filter.  I have those studies in the FAQ section at the top of the Classic section if you choose to educate yourself.  If you are concerned about the cost of synthetic oil just remember that you drive it twice as far as dino before changing again.  It works out to about the same cost. 

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