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Engine Compartment Electrical harness


Lord Vader:
I am trying to locate the harness plug (male end) that has a 8/32 screw thru the middle of it, and is located in the engine compartment.  It is right under the power brake booster on the firewall.  This junction block allows engine electrical to enter into the passenger compartment.  I lost the one I had after removing it to paint the engine compartment.  Does anyone have or know where I can locate a replacement? 

This is a 1969 fastback mustang.  Thanks

Painless only makes the engine compartment harnesses through 68.  And, I don't know of anybody who sells just the male plug.  It looks as if you will have to buy the whole engine compartment harness if you can find one for a 69.  These guys may  be able to help you.
You can contact Centech(, Ron Francis Wiring ( Hope that helps.


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