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emergency brake assembly for 1971-1973 mustang

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Check with CJ Pony Parts.  They have what looks like what you need on page 63 of their catalog. 

I found one las night on ebay for a reasonable price.  I had looked online at CJ's but didn't see what I needed, but I did order their catalog.

Glad you got her fixed.  These old dinosaurs require constant attention.  Kinda like a good woman, huh?   ;D

Ran across this post and thought I might not have shared the rest of the story.

After looking at what it would take to swap the assemblies, I realized a lot of the dash is in the way and it would be a huge pain in the butt.

I was able, however, to slightly bend the release bar and the piece it slides through to remove some binding.  That and some compressed air made it work again.

Oh and I have a nice spare assembly now LOL

In the South, we call that...well never mind.....but it is called politely as Southern Enginering.  But, if it works, it works. ;D 


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