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My 67' convert. driving along my dash lights stopped working. Dome lights, markers and head lights work fine. Put a new fuse in and as soon as I turn head light switch pops the fuse. Any ideas out there how to trouble shoot the problem?

Thanks in advance


Hopefully you have schematics and routing diagrams. 

I'd start with a visual inspection for bare wires or things touching that should not be.  First look under the dash.  If nothing is obvious, try looking at some of the things outside the instrument cluster that are lighted (transmission selector, etc.).  If you still find nothing, pull the instrument cluster and look behind it.

If you see nothing, start disconnecting circuits until you find the one that casues the fuse to blow, then troubleshoot that circuit.

I did place another fuse in the box with the head light switch pulled half way out turning on the parking lights, did not blow the fuse. I was under the dash watching the fuse and as soon as I started turning the knob to activate the dash lights the fuse blew. Possibly the switch it's self could be bad? What do you think?

It could be the headlight switch - there's a little wiper in it that contacts the spring that serves as the resistor for the dimmer.  The wiper can bend and short to the switch.


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