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my 68 mustang with a 289 is having some problems with the headlights,and blinkers. my problem is that they turn on but the blinkers dont work, but its only the blinker that doesnt work i changed the fuse it didnt work, so i started to look deeper, on the head light switch the main power is shorting out, and the swich its self gets really hot. do i need new wiring or do i just need a new head light switch?

Before you start replacing parts, do a through inspection. Start with the the wires and check them for damage, check to see if you are getting power at both ends of the wires. After you check the wires check the switch and go from there.

Obviously you are getting power to the switch, or it wouldn't be getting hot.  Replace the headlight switch.  You may even have to replace the turn signal switch. 

On these old cars first thing to do is check your grounds and I do mean grounds not ground. there are a number of grounds on a mustang. Not sure about a 68 but I assume about the same as 65. There is a ground on the radiator support and under the dash plus making sure the light it self has a good ground. A faulty ground connection can make electrical systems do all sorts of weird things, just bear in mind that extreme symptoms don't always indicate an extreme problem. Normally, on these cars, electrical problems result from either a failed component, like a signal flasher, a ground connection that has gotten all corroded or a wire that has corroded or broken. You simply start at one end of the system and go through until you find the problem.

i have checked my grounds and replaced some burnt up wires everything worked untill i started to drive. i think it got all shook up and i am starting to think it is the switch its self what do u think?
thank you for all your help


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