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--- Quote from: 68-coupe-289 on April 03, 2010, 01:19:36 PM ---i have checked my grounds and replaced some burnt up wires everything worked untill i started to drive. i think it got all shook up and i am starting to think it is the switch its self what do u think?
thank you for all your help

--- End quote ---

Tell me more about replacing burnt wires and everything working until you started to drive.  What made the wires burnt in the first place. Do you have a short some where to cause this?

OK check it out. i bought the car about 2 weeks ago, none of the front lights worked(the rear ones worked break lights, reverse lights, just not the rear blinkers), well i know a little about electrical so i dove in. i unwrapped all the wire and found some burnt up wires to the headlamps and the blinkers, i also found a bad ground. so i fix all that i have the blinkers working now, but no headlamps(?)!!! so i go in the dash behind the gauges, i start testing wires trying to find out what wires i am looking at. ok i found the head lights. i ad power they light up. so now i am confused if the wire is fine, what is fu*%ed up? so i result to a shake test!! I FOUND IT!!! its the main power to my head light switch, so i take that wire out of the harness and close the gaps on the connection(so it will be on there tighter). i got them working. now the blinkers stop working? i change the fuse they work again. well i drove down the street and when i got home they didnt work (the headlamps and blinkers but the marker lights work). now i feel hella heat on the headlight switch and when i move the main power wire around the lights go in and out(i am moving it right next to the harness for the headlight switch). 

Like I said, change our the headlight switch.  It's arching over. 

right on dude i already ordered it i will let you know if it fixes it

thank you

Cool sounds like you have it under control


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