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Yeah with gas prices up like they are now it ca nbe fiarly pricey, but I also use the trip as an excuse to go see family that live out that way. So I get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. That way its not too bad on the pocketbook. Plus i dont drive the '66 out there; instead i use the wife's '01 F-150 which gets much better gas milage.

I usuuallly drive my 03 F-150 on trips.  It's a super crew cab, so I can carry 6 Pax.  I only drive my '65 and my '03 for short trips.  Which reminds me....need to go pick up  a pallet of  st. Augistine grass tomorrow. My front yard died this winter. 

Sounds like my dads lawn. His used ti die every winter until her got some grass that can handle the freezing temps in Michigan by going dormant.

What kind of grass is it?  I skinned off the dead grass today, and plan to plant another kind of grass seeds in the next few days. 

Off the top of my head I am not sure, but I called him and he said Zoysia grass. All I know is that he lives in Michigan. They farm it up there as sod, and sell it all over the state. But I found a link for you where you can get it as seed. Here you go:


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