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Electric Fuel pump wiring


I have been searching for a write up on wiring a electric fuel pump for my 1967 that would have safety features similar to new cars, things like oil pressure switch or relays or inertia switch that could be reset.
Is this a subject that is Taboo due to liabilitys

easy to do, i sourced an inertia switch from pic your part, mounted it in the trunk just like it was in the donor lincoln.  lincoln switch was mounted on the fenderwell in the trunk, have a red thumb size button on top, can't miss it.  i  put a relay under the hood to take the load off the ignition switch and mounted an electric pump under the trunk floor on rubber isolators from a surplus store.   i did not put in an oil pressure switch although it would be easy to do.  i figure any crash will trip the inertia switch, if you mess with one you will see what i mean.   

Welcome to the site Kbayer and Arnold.  An excellent question and a great answer.  That's what Mustangers each other.  Thanks Arnold. 


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