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Door plate information accuracy

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Hi Guys,

I am in the process of restoring the Fastback, and I have a question concerning the body information on the door plate.

The door plate looks new, which leads me to think it was reordered, and I have the feeling that some information has been modified on it.

The car is stripped, and it look s as if the original color of it is the light metalic blue, it was then re-painted in Vintage Burgundy, and it now what looks like a Rangoon red.

My door plate gives me the J code, therefore the Rangoon red, but the paint was merely slapped on the car without stripping it, and I can garantee 100% that it is not its original color.

My question is: Is there any way to find out what color the car was when it came out of the production line?
My plate information is: 63A J 26 01N 71 1 5
I do have a 4 speed manual tranny, Code A engine, Fastback car, black interior
The warranty number seems to match as well, but doesn't give any information on the color or else.

If someone can help me figure out the original color of the car so I can put it in its original condition, I would greatly appreciate.

Thanks a bunch

A report from Ken Marti should give you what you are looking for, short of that I have no other suggestion

Thank you for your suggestion, I actually looked at the Marti report but they seem to be able to provide something only for 1967 and later cars unfortunately.
I there an accurate way to find out about the color of the car other than a report or scratching the paint to find out which one was the first applied?


It does sound like someone redid the data plate to match a repaint.  There are no factory records matching VINs with equipment or paint from that year so the best you will probably be able to do is what you've already done - look for original paint that is still on the car, then try to match that with an original color. 

The only other way I can think of to find out more is to contact as many of the previous owners as you can find and ask them about it.



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