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Dome Lights


Hi All,
        today i replaced my interior dome lights in my 67,however they do not fit snugly,and are quite loose. can anyone recommend a way of fixing them securly in to place?
                    thanks.chris ???

The round receiver may be stretched some.  Try using a large pair of pliars to gently squeeze the receiver back to it's normal shape.  If the lead contact is not making contact, you might want to add some solder to it with a soldering gun.  Just use common sense,  There needs to be the positive contact with the lead spot, and there needs to be negative contact with the receiver. 

i need to add a dome light to my fastback, 65-6 cars didnt have one :(

No Stephen, but you have two lights under the dash, and if you have a console, you have one in the rear of the console.  My 65 lights up just fine without a dome light. 

yeah i have the lights under the dash, but my factory console is missing :(


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